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Quick Tips for Senior Fitness and Health

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Visions of our grandparents in their rocking chairs or stools are becoming more and more of a myth.  Extinct is their acceptance of getting old gracefully.  Do not let their gray hair fool you.  This generation of seniors is not taking age lying down; so take a moment learn from their wisdom on how Americans are living longer and what is this phenomenal generations secret.

The Secret is Not In A Bottle

The true secret is that health cannot not be packaged in a bottle or sold as a lotion or potion. Our rocking seniors have found the keys to great health are the ones they lived by before the age of convenience.

The First Key

One essential key of course is exercise. Dr. Richard Brassard, past president of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA),  expressed that “Perhaps the most debilitating influence in people’s health as they age is a sedentary life.”  However, “Exercise can improve a person’s mobility, digestive processes and circulation.  It can also reduce anxiety.  Add proper nutrition and you have the makings of a naturally healthy lifestyle.” Adding exercise to one’s life is a great habit to begin at a young age but becomes mandatory as we get older.  Unfortunately sedentary lifestyles which include home and work contribute to earlier health issues of brittle bones, circulatory problems caused by atrophying blood vessels, and a myriad of other physical problems associated to our “I will do it tomorrow” generation. So let’s start with what we need to do today and should not put-off until tomorrow.

Sensational Fitness Tips for Seniors and Seniors-To-Be


  • Start with one-third of a mile per day – one-sixth out and one-sixth back. (Measure the distance with your car.)  Do that three days a week for a month, then double the distance, working gradually up to at least one mile a day, three days a week.
  • Expect a little soreness in the thighs and calves for the first week or two.
  • Join a group or grab a partner to help keep accountability and increase the fun!


  • The average person should stretch to prevent the bowing or stoop caused by shortening of ligaments.  A stoop can inhibit normal breathing.
  • Stretch the groin muscles by sitting on the floor and bending one leg to the side and back as far as possible. Or sit Indian fashion on a cushion and watch television. A relaxed stretch is the goal.
  • Stretch the back leg muscles by putting your hands on a wall, one foot flat on the floor behind you.  Then lean into the wall.
  • Next stand up straight and bend over, or sit with one foot on an ottoman and bend forward.

Eating Right

  • Make sure you have a properly balanced diet.  If you take vitamins, take them with a meal. Drink 10 eight-ounce glasses of water a day to help keep the kidneys active, dilute and remove toxins from the body, and replace lost fluids.
  • Remember coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcohol are diuretics.  Don’t substitute them for water.

Need Support Or Have An Injury?

Come join our team!  Our expert team is ready to help you live longer and healthier naturally.  We will help you restore and rehabilitate any injuries, for instance knee or back pain, that are holding you back from beginning of extending the quality and quantity of the rest of your life.  Plus!  Educate you on how to add the other keys into your ring of life. Best of all we are here to be your best coaches and cheerleaders!

Chiropractic Care & a Healthy Lifestyle is the Key to Senior Fitness

Seniors Fitness

Over the hill at age 65? Ready for the rocker at 70? Not these days. Americans are living longer and making more of their later years. One key is exercise. "Perhaps the most debilitating influence in people's health as they age is a sedentary life," said Dr. Richard Brassard, president of ...


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